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Hello there!

Thank you for visiting my Page.

My name is Nkanyezi (its means Star) Mngadi. I am an Infant Sleep Trainer who has successfully been training babies to sleep through the night in the USA for over 10years. I have developed and perfected an infant sleep training system that has proven to be successful time and time again working without fail whether I’m helping parents train their single baby or multiples.  It just works!

As a result, parents have been asking me to write a book or some sort of manual that other parents can use that is simple and straight to the point!!! Which is exactly what I am in the process of doing.

In the meantime I thought of creating a safe place and supportive community that parents all over the globe can come together to use, that is non-judgemental but educational and helpful. Here can quickly answer questions you may have that will help with your babies sleep patterns.  Therefore each week I will pick a topic or a question that I have received then either create either a video or post explaining my solution thoroughly.  Sharing all my baby knowledge I have learnt over the years and sleep training experiences with you.  Sharing tips and tricks that will allow you to get the job done, quickly, effectively and successfully.

I can be easily reached via:

Email: starthebabysleeptrainer@gmail.com

FaceBook Page:  Star The Baby Sleep Trainer

Twitter:  @starbabysleep

Or by simply filling out the contact form in the Contact Us tab and will get back to you within 24hrs.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you and developing amazing relationships with each and everyone of you.

Take care and thank you.


Nkanyezi Mngadi (Star)



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